Saturday, March 29, 2008

Corporate Profile - Public Mutual Berhad

Public Mutual Berhad (Public Mutual) is the largest private unit trust company in Malaysia and currently manages 58 funds with total NAV of more than RM28.4 billion for more than 1,650,000 accountholders. Incorporated in July 1975, Public Mutual began its operations in 1980 with the launch of the Public Savings Fund, and soon went on to become an industry leader and setting forth new trends in innovative fund development.

Market Share And Distribution
Public Mutual anchors 36.38 percent market share in private unit trust funds when measured by net asset value (as at 30 August 2007. source:The Edge-Lipper, 17 September 2007).Public Mutual markets its funds through its dedicated and trained unit trust consultants force which is currently the largest and collectively the most productive in the entire private unit trust industry. Public Mutual is linked extensively through its national network of branches, as well as agency offices to provide better service to the investors.In addition, investors of Public Mutual can also take advantage of Public Bank branches that act as effective collections centres for Public Mutual.

Financial Strength And Track Record
Public Mutual as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Public Bank subscribes readily to the Group's excellence-oriented corporate culture and high standards of financial integrity in the management of its unit trust funds.Public Mutual is also the most awarded unit trust fund manager in Malaysia. Public Mutual is the biggest winner at The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2007 and The Star/Standard & Poor's Investment Fund Awards Malaysia 2007, having won a total of 21 awards from both occasions. Public Mutual was named Best Fund Manager in Asia 2006 by the Failaka Advisors, Dubai – a recognised world leader in the field of Islamic Funds research. They stand as the benchmark for excellence in the field of Islamic fund management and represents a high-water mark for award winners. These victories also bring Public Mutual's medal tally to 100 awards since 1999.
Financial Planning
Public Mutual has a series of Financial Planning software. The revolutionary Financial Freedom FP Advisor software is a tool exclusive to Public Mutual’s unit trust consultants. It provides a wide array of financial planning services and fund investment analysis ‘on the spot’ and to date, more than 2,660 of Public Mutual’s unit trust consultants have been professionally trained to use the FP Advisor software. On top of these, Public Mutual’s Financial Freedom Retirement Planning and Education Planning software are two user friendly, ‘Do-It-Yourself’ tools that enable you to determine your retirement and your children’s education needs in the comfort of your home.To help more Malaysians plan their personal finances, Public Mutual opened its first Financial Planning Centre right in the heart of affluent Bangsar at Lot 36-2 & 38-2, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru. The FP Centre offers free financial health check to its unitholders and the general public. The centre is manned by a group of qualified financial planners who will also conduct FP talks and workshops, particularly in retirement and education planning.
Customer Service
Public Mutual is committed to excellent customer service. Our strong commitment to achieve this objective is through constant surveillance of customer satisfaction through our Customer Service Department and Mutual Gold (Priority Service). Public Mutual has invested heavily in Information Technology (IT) in order to provide a convenient and effective business environment for its investors.Public Mutual is also dedicated to building capable and professional personnel to ensure we achieve service excellence. With this is mind, Public Mutual constantly provides sound guidance and professional education to our unit trust consultants and staff to ensure that they become experts in providing excellent service and qualified financial consultation.

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